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~~ July 31 - August 14, 2003~~  A visit from Axel and Bjorn
Axel Krowas ( a second cousin) and his friend Bjorn took the long journey from the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany to visit us here in St. Louis.  The weather cooperated beautifully and the boys were spared the usual summer heat and humidity.  We tried to cram as many activities as possible into their two week stay with outings into the city and countryside.  They saw baseball games, a wrestling event, and a concert, they played soccer, visited Six Flags, and the annual St. Louis Strassenfest.  They also shopped 'til they dropped, stocking up on clothes, shoes and caps.  We barbequed quite a bit and visited some of the local restaurants.
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Axel and Host  out on the deck
Axel's friend Bjorn.  Bjorn took most of the pictures and was just a little bit homesick for Germany (mainly his girlfriend).
In America everything is "Supersized".  Here Axel is admiring a gallon sized jar of barbeque sauce at a Sam's Wholesale Store. 
That includes ice cream cones.  Here on an outing to Old St. Charles with some of our neighbors.  Bjorn literally took hundreds of pictures.  This is only a small sampling
TV's are also supersized.  On a visit to my son's house where we enjoyed a great bbq.  Summer took the boys through the neighborhood to show them Kurt Warner's house.  They were impressed (the boys, not Kurt's family).
On a float trip on one of Missouri's lovely streams.  Here the boys are taking it easy for a bit.  There was lots of splashing, swimming, and eating along the way.
The whole gang at the end of our trip.  We went together with some of our friends from Columbia.
At the Mississippi River Front staring up at the Arch.
Barbeques on the deck were a way of life.
The view from the Arch
At the Cardinal's baseball game.  The Cards lost!