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   Charlie celebrates her 4th Birthday    

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Buds and early arrivals!  Allison, Charlie and Sidney
Clayton kicking back waiting for the crowds to arrive.  He wasn't going to be dissapointed.
Some of the guests starting to fill the basement party room.
Jennifer is overseeing the games.  This one involved taping a nose on a cartoon character.
Charlie was the first contestant, a priviledge reserved for the birthday girl.
Items to note in this picture is the cute young lady flashing a smile at the photographer and the lady on the couch in the background sporting two party hats.
The kids lining up to smash the pinata.
A swing and a miss!
Yet another failed attempt!
Clayton gives the thing a good whack but still no spills.  Observe the look on the faces of the spectators.
The final contestant and still no luck busting the pinata.  The game show host had to resort to pulling the plug on this bad boy.  I still think the whole thing was rigged.
Cutting the cake.  The theme character was sponge bob something or other.  The kids all seemed to know who and what he was. 
Ahh!  The best part of the party is opening all those great presents and there were quite a number of them too. 
Mom giving the birthday girl some good advice: "Know who the present is from and turn around and thank each one of the visitors individually".  Good job, Mom!
Dad was involved as well.  Here he is lending a hand at getting the contest prizes ready.
Group hug for the birthday girl.  She was more interested in trying out her new bicycle.  Observe safe riding habits Charlie and always wear your helmet, pads and seat belt.  Well, maybe not a seatbelt. 
Some of the parents looking on
Charlie cautioning against making any noise around the sleeping baby.
One last picture of the birthday girl and her cousin Allison.