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Allison's 4th Birthday Celebration

Our Allison celebrated her 4th birthday on April 25.  Hard to believe that that little munchkin is already four years old.  It was a wonderful celebration attended by friends, aunts and uncles and grandparents.  Arno and Leslie served up some wonderful food and the adults had as much fun as the kids. 

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Click to enlarge Preparations had to made the day before.  Allison came over to visit Grandma and Grandpa to make a cake for the birthday.
Click to enlarge Allison and her faithful assistant adding ingredients to the cake batter.  Cherie is adding egg whites, but I'm not sure about the object in Allison's hand.  It might have been the "secret" ingredient.
Click to enlarge A young lady can't be seen with cake dough on her face.  It seems that our young chef sampled quite a bit of the cake long before it made it into the oven. 
Click to enlarge The master baker is allowing her assistant a turn at decorating the cake with icing... under her close scrutiny of course.
Click to enlarge The big day finally arrived...
Some of the adults and kids attending this social event.
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Click to enlarge Chuckie and Arnie are guarding the grill.  While trying to keep guests from removing items from the grill prematurely, they failed to notice the flames licking at the meat.  Some of the kids' brats may have been slightly seared, but still delicious.
Click to enlarge The birthday girl gets some help from those around her in blowing out the candles.
Click to enlarge The beaming birthday girl!
Click to enlarge Cheyenne is entertaining little Charlie out on the deck.
Click to enlarge Time to unwrap the presents.  Allison gets a little help from her Mom.
Click to enlarge Allison modeling one of the outfits she got for her birthday.  The kid made out like a bandit.
Click to enlarge A good time was had by all.  Happy Birthday Allison!