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Our gift exchange and dinner at Arnies and Leslies Home

The gang posing in front of the fireplace.  In case you can't tell the players... From left to right:  Chris, Jennifer, little Allison, Leslie, Arno, Alison, Christopher, Cherie, whatshisname, and Clayton and Summer in front.  

Alison and Allison, Chris (aka Santa's helper) and a very pregnant Jennifer relaxing in the family room.

Leslie and Arnie surveying the chaos and opening some of their own presents.  Santa was good to everyone this year.

Jennifer's collecting a ton of cooking and homemaking items.  They were prominent on her Christmas list.  Her wish to finally have this baby will have to wait until February.

Chris (also one of Santa's helpers)  and Clayton looking very pleased with themselves.  Clayton is happy about all the toys, and Chris is glad they came pre-assembled.

What's this?  A Christmas elf, or one of Spocks relatives? 

Some reading for those quieter moments after the holidays.