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~~ October 2007 ~~  A visit from our friends, the Camengas

Garry and Karlyn Camenga paid us a long overdue visit here at our home in University City.  We had an enjoyable time that included visits to the City of St. Louis, the University City Art Walk, Augusta Wineries, and of course time spent just reminiscing about old times.

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With Garry and Karlyn at our home in University City
The view from the base of the Arch.  I've seen this many times but never fail to be awed by this monument. 
Karlyn and Garry waiting on the Arch Tram at the Jefferson National Parks Museum.
The view from the top.
Inside the Arch at 630 feet above ground level.  Karlyn didn't care for the claustrophobic conditions in the tram car (5 people in a box the size of a dorm refrigerator), but enjoyed the view from the top. 
Friday evening, Jim and Tina joined us for a barbeque here at the house and a visit to the U City Loop.
Tina brough little Olivia with her.  What a good baby!
At the loop, looking over the Art Exhibits.  Jim is studying the label on a freebie energy drink. 
The next day!  We took a drive along the Missouri River Valley to Augusta.  Here the four of us are enjoying a glass of Missouri wine, band music and fellowship at the Blumenhof Winery.
A California wine connoisseur sampling Blumenhofs finest. Much to Garry's credit, he never said anything bad about about our local wines. In fact, he took some home with him.  I wonder if the lady in the background knew that her pants were riding up on her.
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