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Christopher graduates from the University of Missouri
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It's a dream come true.  Christopher has graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Arts in English.  To help him celebrate the occasion, Chris and Jennifer held a BBQ in his honor at their house in Columbia.  We made the trip in from St. Louis and other family and friends were there to share the moment.  Congratulations Christopher!
Christopher and his friend Marianne enjoying a refreshing beverage.
The Boys!  Somehow the blue shirt was the dress code of the day.
Chris' long time friend Lance and his friend Angela.  The guy lurking in the back is Paul, a fellow soccer player.  Paul likes the "clean" look.
A good looking group sheltered under the umbrella.
One of the few pictures I got of my man Clayton.  He seemed to make himself pretty scarce for most of the day.  Cherie is making friends with the killer dog. 
More lovely ladies... Jennifer, Paula and Marianne.
It got chilly towards the evening.  Jennifer had enough sense to put on a jacket while the macho guys pretend their not cold.  The good looking guy in the foreground is Mark.  The butt on the right belongs to the graduate.
Arno is entertaining the two youngsters while Chris is contemplating his future. 
I used to play soccer with Chris V. (far right) when he was just a young lad.  Even though he still has his youthful good looks, he's no longer playing the U21.  That's his daughter and Charlie's babysitter Emily sitting next to him.
Mother pitted against daughter in a game of washers.  Cherie wanted everyone to know that she won this match.
The boys are at it here.  Even though Chris shows near perfect form here, the team of Arno Sr. and Paul emerged as the champs this day.
Grandpa and Charlie goofing off.
Charlie and Allison cutting up in the hammock.
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