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December 4th, 2004

The downtown stores in Columbia have an annual holiday tradition called the "Living Windows Festival". It marks the kick-off of the Christmas Season and this years theme was "Blue Christmas." Hmmm... what comes to mind when you hear "Blue Christmas"? Of course! It's Elvis crooning "It'll be a blue Christmas without you..." and that is exactly what came to Jennifer's mind when she searched for ideas for this years Poppy storefront display. The king is dead however and a suitable substitute had to be found. Ah! That famous Elvis impersonator Clayton was pressed into service to stand in front of the store lip syncing and shaking his hips while two "blue" snowmen danced in the store windows.

Out of hundreds of downtown stores to compete against, Poppy earned first prize. What's in it for our Elvis impersonator? A hearty handshake and a "well done, Clayton". I would echo that sentiment. Great job Clayton!