My personall favorites... The raccoons Shy little guy There were three of them at first romping through the yard nighttime visitor foraging for food Lots and lots of birds say cheese a visiting Pilleated Woodpecker Mrs. Cardinal A female Mallard paying us a visit Another drive-by... A wild turkey Robins building a nest on our front porch A closer look Foraging for food nesting_05 003 007 There are rabbits galore soaking up the sunshine on a cold winter day These rabbita are trained to only eat the weeds Now we come to the squirrels, and we have lots of them. They are destructive, but cute and acrobatic.  Fun to weatch. Camera shy youngster Trying to get away from the photographer Just one more pic... because they are so cute Dinner on the wicker bench A pesky Blue Jay Ahhh... the butterflies A box turtle 002 Under the watchful eye of the totem pole