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Easter at Shirley's House - April 2005

Shirley was brave enough to invite everyone over to her house to celebrate Easter Sunday.  Everyone showed up too, and it was "Standing Room Only" for the better part of the afternoon.  Lots of kids, foods and conversation.  We may have to rent a hall next year.

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Click to enlarge Our hostess Shirley, with Cherie and Jennifer.  Jennifer is holding Angie's brand new baby boy, Nolan.  Where did Shirley get that tan?
Click to enlarge It was tough to find a place to sit and eat.  Folks were eating at the tables, on the floor and sitting on the stairs.  There was lots and lots of good food including items for the granola people... hence the balloon advertising Trader Joe's. 
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Click to enlarge Our beautiful Summer and her equally beautiful grandmother.
Click to enlarge Buds!  Cousins Allison and Charlie chowing down and cutting up.  How did they find a sit down spot anyway? 
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More beautiful women!  Jenn, Summer and Leslie
Click to enlarge And more of the same.  Joan and Steve drove in from North Carolina (not just for the day though).  That's not Steve on the right however.  That's our Tina!
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Elsie, Debbie and Amy.
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More of Cherie.  This time posing with Jeremy.
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Clayton and Summer.
Click to enlarge It's that Martha Stewart lookalike, Carla, posing here minus the orange prison overalls.
Click to enlarge Arnie was kind enough to help Shirley with her biology homework.  I just hope her professor doesn't see this before the end of the semester.
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Jim and Tina.
Click to enlarge Kids where everywhere!  It was Christine's turn to hold baby Nolan. 
Click to enlarge And last, but certainly not least... Chris and Jenn with Clayton and Charlie.  Nolan also made the picture.  Christopher had to work and couldn't make the trip to St. Louis.  We missed you Chris!