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~~ A visit from Marla - September 2002 ~~

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures on our Friday evening outing, and since I was manning both the grill and the camera on Sunday, those pictures are scarce too.  But, such as I have, I share with you below.

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Click to enlarge Saturday...
These two pictures were taken just before we got started on our bike tour from Defiance, Missouri to our destination, the winery in Augusta, Missouri.  It was just Marla, Cherie, and the old man, and we are still looking pretty fresh in these pictures.  It was already in the 90s when we got started, but we had plenty of water and it's less than 10 miles one way, and we thought "What the heck, we can do this."    It turns out it wasn't quite that easy.
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Click to enlarge We did make it however.  The flushed faces tell of the strenuous journey.  Compare Marla and Cherie to the "normal" people around them.
Click to enlarge After we relaxed in the shade of a tree on the winery terrace, we slowly returned to normal.
Click to enlarge I asked a stranger to take our picture together.
Click to enlarge The barbecue on Sunday.  Barbara is engulfed in smoke from the grill.  She doesn't mind smelling like a Vienna Sausage, but it's a source of amusement to Karl. 
Click to enlarge Steve surveys the scene waiting on the food to get done.  The photographer does a sloppy job and Linda is obscured by Karl.  Nice shot of Cherie's jalopy and the garage though. 
Click to enlarge Our friend and neighbor Ruthie and friend and visitor Marla sitting on the steps waiting on the food to get done.  At this point everyone was getting hungry, restless, and a bit unruly.