Picture of my Mother and Father 1942
  Arno Perlowski      Lotte Perlowski

My mother passed away on April 27, 1998, after spending her last 36 years alone.  My parents met and married just before World War II.  They loved each other deeply, but never had much of a life together.  The war kept them apart and at the close of the war my father was captured on the Russian Front and was held a prisoner of war until 1950.  My sister was born in 1934, and I came along nearly 10 years later.  My Mother gave birth to me on a night when bombs rained down over our home in Berlin and I never saw my Dad until he returned from prison camp 6 years later.    Suffering from depression and ill health, it took my Father quite a while to recover from the hardships of war and prison camp.  My Mother struggled to keep our family together and make a new life for ourselves.  After my Dad regained his health, we immigrated to the United States in February of 1958.

After a period of adjustment, and finally renewal and hope of a better and more prosperous life, my Dad passed away in 1962, leaving my Mother alone once again.  The picture of my Mother posted above is one that my dad had with him throughout the war and while in prison camp.  The picture of my Dad was one that my Mother kept with her. Seeing their struggle, and the disappointment of having so little time together, makes me resolute to do what I can to keep our small planet free from strife and the heartache that results from mankind's conflicts.

There is deceit in the hearts of those who plot evil, but joy for those who promote peace.
Proverbs 12:20