I liked our home in the very nice and peaceful Chesterfield subdivision of Bent Tree, but the home was too big for Cherie and I and when it was just me, I started looking for a smaller residence. I looked for nearly two years in Chesterfield and surrounding communities but wasn't succesful in finding that "perfect" domicile.  What I finally settled for wasn't ideal but it came close.

   Friends and relatives accused me of buying this home for my dog Draco because of it's proximity to the dog park and it's large back yard.  The new house was nearly half the size of the old one which meant getting rid of some furnishings, wall art, kitchen items etc.  I found out in a hurry that my children didn't need or want any of the stuff I was trying to unload.  I left alot of things for the new owner and was fortunate to find an immigrant family from Kenya that were thrilled to take the rest.

   The real estate market was good and I decided to forego using a realtor and sell the house by owner and move most of my things myself.  The sale by owner thing went well.  I sold the home to a young couple that were thrilled with it. Preparing my new home and moving items into it that would allow me to live in it proved to be more difficult.  My sweet daughter Jennifer drove her business van in all the way from Denver to help me move some of the smaller furniture items and my son Arnie and his wife Rebecca used their large SUV to help move boxes.  I made countless trips back and forth for nearly a month before hiring a mover to move the very large and heavy pieces.

   We've done quite a bit to the new home to make it comfortable for us (me and the hound) and at the time of this writing, the main thing yet to accomplish is the establishment of a lawn and the addition of some landscaping.  Let this be my last move.


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