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New Year 2005

A Happy New Year to family and friends and to all of those that may stumble across this page. Cherie and I celebrated New Years Eve by ourselves kept company only by our two cats. Yes, I said two (2) cats. We adopted Summers little cat Izzy because he was in imminent danger of making a no-return trip to the shelter after biting Allison. Quincy, our number 1 cat, has been with us for nearly 6 years and is used to being alone and pretty much ruling the household. He didn't go out of his way to make the newcomer welcome, but let him know with threatening gestures, hissing and growling that he did not like this development at all.

On New Years Day we had Christopher, Arnie, Leslie and the girls over for dinner. Summer was glad to be reunited with her beloved Izzy and you can tell from the picture below that Izzy was happy to see Summer again. At the time of this posting, the two cats are getting along better. Quincy just wants to be left alone, but Izzy wants to be friends, following Quincy whereever he goes. They are funny to watch. There is still the occasional hiss and screech, but things seem to be settling down. Quincy is definitely in charge. One thing that the two of them agree on is that I need to be up at 5:30 AM. They were both sitting at the side of my bed this morning urging me to get up and see to their needs. Two cats! Argh!

Summer cudling her Izzy
Summer reunited with her Izzy. Allison looks on cautiously.
Arnie, Leslie and Allison
Arnie, Leslie and Allison