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Spring Break 2006 - Cooking Lessons with Grandma

The spring break weather was awful and I think Summer and Allison might have preferred the warm and sunny beaches of Florida or the fun and excitement of a Disneyworld, but they got stuck spending most of their time with Grandma and Grandpa.  It wasn't a total bummer as the pictures below will testify to.  Grandma taught cooking and sewing skills while Grandpa taught them... Hmmm... Just what did Grandpa teach them?

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A lesson in making pizza.  No store bought, frozen pizza for this group!  Here the girls are spreading out the sauce.
Only a minimum of supervision was needed and the end result was delicious.  Grandpa helped out by eating a good portion of the pizza and by cleaning the dishes.
Next came the sewing lesson for both of the girls.  Allison likes the heart shaped pocket that will be part of the apron she is making with the help of her faithful assistant. 
Summer gets hands-on experience on the sewing machine.  The girls picked out the pattern and the fabric they wanted.
Here they are modeling the fruit of their labor.  Allison later decided it might be practical to have a bib portion on her apron as well.  The change was made and the finished products put to good use during the cookie baking lesson.
Getting ready to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  The flour on the nose is de rigueur during these events.
Allison will not be outdone.
A stern lecture from Summer regarding the indiscriminate consumption of chocolate chips during the preparation process.
Preparing the dough.
Grandma seems to be pleased with the result.