My intentions were to start posting more of the Perlow Family happenings, but the truth of the matter is that I just lack the motivation. My personal life is pretty dull save for my interaction with friend and constant companion Draco.  I quit Facebook and have pretty much isolated myself from most social activities.  The only exception has been my daughter's visits and my outings with like minded dog owners to nearby parks.  I have a hard time believing that things will return to "normal" over the next several years. 2020 has been a hard year and I'm glad that my Cherie didn't have to put up with this pandemic.  The headlines today (8/30/2020) tell us that we've just surpassed 6 million coronavirus cases and remain at the top of the global chart.  This country's lack of leadership and the utter stupidity of so much of the population is astounding.
Not much in the way of photos. The highlight of the summer was Jennifer's installation at the new SLU Hospital.  She and her associates worked very hard on this project and the results were spectacular.  Jenn managed to wrangle us a private tour of the facility before the opening.  It was fabulous.  You'll be able to see more on her website at


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